Been trying to prepare myself for this for the past few months but I’m still not ready

Dating someone while knowing that they go back to the other side of the country for school in September sucks

I don’t believe in long distance relationships either (for several reasons)

I knew you had to eventually go back since the beginning - you’d think I’d  be comfortable with this by now but I’m not even in the slightest way

Part of me regrets letting you pursue me and get close but part of me is happy I chose to live and feel it fully without holding back

Part of me wants to use this final month to weaken my ties with you a little just so it doesn’t hit me as hard when you leave but part of me wants to make the most out of August with you

Makes it harder feeling like nobody really understands the situation - one best friend just keeps saying she told me so - that I shouldn’t have let us get close from the start, while I feel like the other one just can’t relate and doesn’t understand how difficult this is

I guess I just ultimately hope that we can keep a strong friendship and that we can make a smooth (not so painful) transition from dating to being (long distance) friends

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